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All of the mechanical bulls associated with Mechanical Bull Association are required to carry commercial general liability insurance at a minimum of $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate.  We make no exceptions.  Additionally insured certificates are available upon request.


Mechanical Bull Association’s mechanical bulls are surrounded by a minimum of 17′ x 17′ baffled air bag, and a mechanical bull is NEVER run without this mattress properly in place and fully inflated, with a constant air flow.


The body of the mechanical bull is padded. When horns are present, they are always constructed of flexible rubber.


A “Quick Stop” motor allows the operator to safely control the ride and ensure safety for the rider; this feature allows the operator to stop the ride prior to a rider being thrown.


The trained operator at the variable speed control box regulates the bull’s Buck-and-Spin speed, as well as, spin direction. The bull has the capability of starting rides very slowly and can be advanced to speeds according to a rider’s ability. The mechanical bull can go slow and simply spin for beginners and run at a more advanced speed for experts/professionals.


At Mechanical Bull Association, we feel that the ultimate key to rider safety is in the hands of the mechanical bull operator. We feel that any piece of equipment is only as safe as the person operating it and for this reason all of our operators are trained and qualified. Basically, we strive to help people stay on the mechanical bull and look good doing it.


We found that the safest ride is one that comes with an education. Thus, our operators spend time in the beginning of each ride providing safety tips and riding instructions. A rider that acquires knowledge and experiences a fun, safe ride will return to ride again.